Brave is the name of the new browser, based on Chromium and the Bink engine by the developers of Brave Software. Brave browser was released in 2016, it was claimed as a browser without ads, which increases the privacy of users in the Internet space. You can use the link on this page and download the official version of Brave browser free.

Brave has a familiar appearance of the interface, it has kept the convenience of settings and menu items. The main advantage of this browser is the complete absence of intrusive advertising. The user can look at any sites and pages without worrying that these products or services will then pursue him on each subsequent page of the browser open. However, advertisements can be turned on if desired. Ads will be displayed in the lower right corner and the user will receive a small commission for viewing them, which can be sold on an exchange or given to content creators.

The absence of ads in the browser affects the speed of its work, at the moment Brave is the fastest browser. The user can see statistics about how many ads the browser blocked while he was on the Internet and know how much time he saved by refusing to watch ads.

Brave is synchronized with Windows, Android, iOS, Mac OS, Linux platforms.

Options and Features

  • two search engines Google and DuckDuckGo;
  • tab control;
  • privacy settings;
  • nice design and color combinations;
  • user rewards;
  • private Tor window without VPN.

How to download Brave

Click the download file on this page. Install the program. Once the browser is fully installed, a program icon will appear on your desktop, open the browser and get started.


Using the rewards from the browser, the user can support the creators of videos on platforms such as YouTube or Twitter. The Brave browser has a dynamic development and new features that attracts many new users around the world.